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Common issues

The bot is not online and working in other servers but is non-responsive in my server.

Check you're using the correct prefix to call commands. You can read more about prefix configuration below. If you're still having trouble after following that guide, please contact us in our support server.

The bot is offline.

This rarely happens but when it does it's usually for one of these reasons:
  • Discord outage (check Discord status here)
  • Server outage (check PixxieBot's server status here)
  • Scheduled bot maintenance (find out more info in our support server)
To get updates and find out the reason for this downtime, check the status channel in our support server. If there's no news about any outage, please tag the @Developer role to notify us.

I just voted for PixxieBot on top.gg but haven't received my voting reward.

There are two possible scenarios:

1. Top.gg's API is slow or failed to send the notification to our bot.

If this is the case, it usually catches up within an hour. If this is the case, we usually notify you of this in the status channel of our support server. If you still haven't received your voting rewards an hour after voting and we haven't posted an update notifying you of a top.gg problem, please contact us in our support server.

2. Our voting manager is offline or encountered an error.

This is extremely rare, however, if we haven't posted an update in our support server notifying you of a problem with top.gg, and our voting manager is not showing any recent downtime, please contact us so we can investigate.
Last modified 3yr ago