Hangry Games

What is Hangry Games?

Hangry Games is a tongue-in-cheek parody on the Hunger Games franchise, with a slightly sadistic food theme.

Sign up to a game with your friends, volunteer as a tribute, and sit back and watch you slaughter each other with creative food themed attacks.

May the odds be ever in your flavor!

Creating a round of Hangry Games

Use /hangrygames new in the channel you want to start the game in, an embed will be posted for the users to join the game using the buttons below.

Want to allow others to manage all Hangry Games in your server but don't want to give them moderator permissions? Make a role called Burger Master and assign it them. This role does not require any extra Discord permissions and will allow users who have it to start and cancel all Hangry Games in your server, even if they're already underway. Distribute it sparingly!

How to join?

Click on the Join button on the embed displayed and wait for the fun to begin!

There are no limits to how many users can play in a round of Hangry Games. Each death message is separated 13 seconds apart to allow for friendly banter amongst your members. Therefore, please note that starting a game with many thousands of members can take a very long time to complete.

There is no way to reduce the time between death messages.

How can I see who's signed up?

To see who is signed up in a round of Hangry Games, click the "Tributes" button under the signup message to open the list of tributes on our website.

How can I remove myself from a round of Hangry Games?

It is not possible to unvolunteer as tribute from the Hangry Games. Katniss couldn't. I don't know what makes you think you're special?

Starting the game

When you're ready to start the simulation, any member of your server with the Manage Messages Discord permissions on any of their roles, or who has the Burger Master role mentioned above, can start the game by clicking the button with the cutlery emoji.

Running a Hangry Games simulation for everyone in a role, or in the server

Premium PixxieBot servers can use /hangrygames role <role> to instantly start a game without any signup stage. These games will include all the server members who have the role mentioned in the command. This works for any server role and for the @everyone role, which will instantly start a game with all members of the server excluding bots.

This is a premium feature, check out premium here

I clicked to start my round of Hangry Games, the tributes list loaded but now it's stuck and nothing's happening?

Please make sure PixxieBot has all necessary permissions to post messages in the channel correctly, including use of external emojis and attaching files.

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