You can see all your badges by using the -profile command.

Common badges

Daily champ

Be on a 30+ day streak with the -daily command.


Be on a 60+ times voting streak with the -vote command.


Become a patron on Patreon

Ho ho ho

Collect your daily Pixos on Christmas day.


Vote for PixxieBot.

Needs reminding

Activate voting reminders.

Rare Badges


Have over 500 XP.


Have over 1,000 XP.


Have over 2,500 XP.


Have over 10,000 XP.

Bug hunter

Report an unknown bug to a developer.

Bright ideas

Suggest a command or feature and have it made.

Big spender

Spend 10,000 Pixos in one transaction.


Have over 1,000,000 Pixos in your bank.

Legendary Badges

PixxieBot Staff

Be a PixxieBot staff member or developer.

Limited Edition Badges

Panty Hero

Available during the coronavirus pandemic.Submit a panty selfie in the #panties channel in our support server and have it added to the bot.

Breast Cancer Awareness supporter

Available throughout the month of October.Use the -ribbon command to make a profile picture for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Mystery badges

Ooh... It's a mystery! You'll have to figure out how to get these mystery badges on your own!

Mystery badge #1


Mystery badge #2