Truth Or Dare

What is Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a classic party-game where you choose to tell a truth or take a silly dare. It often leads to funny and awkward moments. This version can also be played as a drinking game with your friends!

How to play

You and your friends take turns running the /truthordare command, and choosing either a truth or a dare.

You can optionally include your choice while entering the command /truthordare [choice], or have PixxieBot tag another user to whom you want to direct it. /truthordare [choice] [user]


If you choose truth, PixxieBot will confront you with a potentially awkward question. Answer this question truthfully, or take a shot when you refuse!


If you choose dare, PixxieBot will give you a silly or slightly embarrassing assignment to fulfill. Don’t forget to provide your friends with some picture or video proof of you doing the Dare! When you fail the assignment, or refuse to do it, take another shot!

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