Granting permissions

Required permissions

PixxieBot only asks for the minimum permissions she needs to work in your Discord server.

The permissions required to allow PixxieBot to function correctly in your server are as follows:

These are the only permissions PixxieBot requires to work in your server. If your server has granted higher permissions to her role or another role you have assigned to the bot, please make sure you reset the permissions or fix your role permissions.

Restricting or disabling PixxieBot commands

You can customize who can use PixxieBot commands, which commands can be used, and in which channels. Start by logging into Discord in your browser or desktop app. Then navigate to PixxieBot's settings under the "Integrations" tab in your Discord server's settings. Here you can fully manage permissions for the bot and for users based on commands, channels, roles and usernames.

Required text channel permissions

Within your text channel settings, make sure PixxieBot has the following permissions for the best bot experience:

Resetting and updating PixxieBot's permissions

Sometimes we add new features that may require more permissions. If this happens, we will notify you in our support server.

To reset PixxieBot's permissions click here and re-invite the bot to your server. This will overwrite the @PixxieBot role permissions in your server without the need to kick the bot.

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