Voting rewards

What are voting rewards?

All the votes PixxieBot gets on are very much appreciated and as a token of our thanks, we reward voters with Pixos, our in-bot reputation points.

How do I vote and get rewards?

Vote for PixxieBot on

How do I build up a voting streak?

Voting every 12 hours for PixxieBot on is the best way to build a voting streak and gain more rewards.

Voting streaks get reset 12 hours after your previous vote has lost its effect. For example, if you vote at 8AM, will let you vote again at 8PM the same day. If you vote between 8PM and 8AM the following day, your voting streak will increase (every 12 hours).

TIP: Having trouble remembering to vote? Use the /vote reminderscommand to toggle bot DM voting reminders on or off.

Why have my voting rewards decreased?

Either you lost your voting streak, or it's Monday! Voting rewards over weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) get doubled because votes on count double on weekends. Your voting rewards will be doubled again this weekend and increase again next week.

Read more about how voting rewards are calculated in this Medium post.

I just voted but haven't received my voting rewards.

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